Anselm was among Autodesk Artists of the Year 2013 and Artist of the Month in July/2013. I am also the on-set vfx supervisor on NCIS:New Orleans.

Anselm is an award winning Visual Effects Technical Director and VES (Visual Effects Society) member with emphasis on particle based effects as well as Fluid Simulations with Realflow, Shading and Post Production. He worked on movies like James Cameron’s “Avatar”, Transformers 4, Star Trek – Into Darkness, COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, The Expendables 3, Northmen – A Viking Saga, G.I. Joe-Rise of Cobra, The A-Team, Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood”, Priest, SuckerPunch(Previz), Beautiful Creatures (R&D), Dragonball: Evolution, Tree of Life(R&D), Clash of the Titans(3D conversion), Niko & The Way to the Stars, “Loewenzahn”, Angel Camouflaged, and “Il sogno del Maratoneta” as well as numerous commercials and music videos. He consulted vfx on movies like Gulliver’s Travel, Skyline, Moving Day (Shortfilm).

Skype: psychosilence (for video tutorials)


Besik (Beso) Mzhavanadze is from Tbilisi , Georgia, and has been in the CGI industry for 14 years now. He says that 4 years ago RealFlow changed his carrier from 3D generalist to VFX artist and be thinks these are the best 4 years in his carrier.

Contact:Tbilisi , Georgia


Brandon started his VFX career in 2003. He originally went to school for concept design and illustration, and while attending art school he got offered a freelance gig. The University of Washington was looking to do some scientific visualization of shore erosion. Having no clue how to do fluid simulations Brandon google up fluid simulation software and that led him to RealFlow. He taught hismelf how to use it and fell in love with it. From there he dabbled in other pieces of software and other types of VFX.

He made a short demo reel full of tests and sent it around to games studios in the area and got hired at Surreal studio (now Midway Games) from there he kept growing as an artist and has gotten to work at many of the best studios in the industry Blur, Scanline, and Luma Pictures to name a few. Brandon is currently in Atlanta Georgia supervising various projects.

Contact:Atlanta, USA



3D Digital Artist since 2003, partially freelance, partially employed. Working with RealFlow since Version 4. Significant improvement feedback for the RealFlow | Cinema 4D. Initiated Krakatoa for Cinema 4D Development. Initiated Arnold for Cinema 4D Development. Maxon Cinema 4D Beta Tester.


Daniel Moreno is an FX Technical Director with more than 15 years in the field and is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and studied at Gnomon Visual Effects. Specializing in dynamic effects like fluids, destruction, explosions and scripting, he is always striving for quality and constantly learning new software and new techniques. Daniel’s works were also published in 3D World Magazine.

Contact:Sao Paulo, Brazil



Jakob Appleby is a young 3D artist from Norway, who grew a huge interest in computer simulations while watching technical papers on the internet in the early 2000s.

He has worked with the Realflow | Cinema 4D standalone plugin since its release and continuously pushed it to its limits with abstract simulations.

Before the release of Realflow | Cinema 4D 2.0, he helped test both Alpha and beta versions.


Jan Jaap van Assen is a research scientist who studies the perception of materials. For his PhD in Germany he studied the perception of liquids and how our visual system is able to estimate properties such as viscosity or sliminess. He started to use RealFlow to generate controlled liquid stimuli mostly varying in viscosity. Jan spent three months at the Next Limit office in Madrid as part of his research network and stays in touch with the RealFlow team regarding future developments. He uses the software in a scientific context where consistency, precision and natural behavior are more important than aesthetics. Results got published in high impact journals of his field, such as Current Biology and Journal of Vision (see for PDFs).

Contact:Lich, Germany


Josh is from Minneapolis, MN and he started his Visual Effects career there in 2010. Working for a great company called MAKE during 6 years, he I learned from truly inspiring artists and began specializing in FX, dynamic simulations, procedural systems, and scripting. From the start, he really enjoyed both liquid simulation and Python scripting and he often uses them together. Josh spent lots of time studying water behavior and small-scale simulations like drops, splashes, and puddles and he constantly does side projects in his free time to test and learn more. He now lives and works in New York City as a freelance FX Artist and 3D Generalist and considers himself lucky to do what he loves for a career.

Contact:New York, USA


Founder of both Catalysee, and LearnWateryDesign. Karolina is an experienced Director with a proven track record of working in the 3D design industry. Top skilled in RealFlow, VRay and AAE, Organizational Leadership, and Psychology. Strong Arts and Design professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Mykolo Romerio Universitetas. Karolina offers her LearnWateryDesign platform to create a better change in the fluid simulation industry with exquisite watery design concept & efficient workflow.


Mario is a Germany-based VFX and Motion artist passionate about everything 3D and Fluid Simulation. He has 10 years’ experience in different industries like automotive, food and advertising. RealFlow has been an integral part of his workflow for more than 3 years now. Mario is working for ZDF Digital – a 360-production company in Mainz, Germany.


Mark Stasiuk and his team at Fusion CI Studios is committed to excelling at complex dynamic fx challenges. Realistic physical simulation is the core of their work – complex particle & fluid fx involving liquids, smoke, fire, explosions and rigid/soft body dynamics at uncompromising, photo-real, feature-film quality.

Fusion CI Studios typically work as a plug ‘n play fx team for other vfx houses when these need to expand their fx capacity for challenging custom fx work. Their clients find this working model invaluable since dynamic fx are still very complex to do well, especially within today’s compressed schedules & budgets. The years of expertise ensure Fusion CI Studios deliver outstanding dynamic effects both time & cost-effectively.

Contact:Los Angeles, USA


My adventure with special effects began in 2011 thanks to the fascination of the anime Dragon Ball Z. First I was learning After Effects and Cinema 4D. In 06.2017 I graduated from post-production, VFX and Animation 3D specialization at the AMA Film Academy.
I’m working in NoLabel in Cracov since 2016. RealFlow software was shown to me by my current boss. I work mainly in RealFlow, also in combination with 3Ds Max, Nuke and Phoenix FD.

There is a lot of power in particles 🙂

Contact:Cracov, Poland



Steven Emerson is a freelance animator and designer from the United Kingdom. For over 10 years he has creatively helped many global, reputable brands.

He specializes in 3D modelling and animation and graduated top of his class from University of Ulster with a first class honours degree in Design (and selfie with James Nesbitt).

Since graduating he has moved straight into a head of motion role in UK design and animation studio, had the opportunity to brand design the city of Belfast, been publicly ousted by deadmau5 for using a simple preset, spoken at IBC for Next Limit on the Maxon stage and is still creating an ever-increasing amount of 3D art with his everyday project.

Contact:Northern Ireland



Quentin got his Master’s degree in Art and Technologies for Images (ATI – Paris 8 – France) in 2014, working on a research paper on material transmutation.

RealFlow proved to be the best software for the task, and this new-found passion for wrangling particles led to a silly test being posted online, which somehow led to a summer internship at Next Limit as a RealFlow 2014 on-site beta tester (So be careful when posting your simulation online). From there on he worked as a VFX artist on feature films, advertising, and animation in various countries. He currently lives and works in Paris, occasionally teaching VFX at his former school.


Stavros Sofianos is an FX Artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Back in 2006 he started as a freelance 3D Generalist, working on various projects.

Few years later in 2009, while leaving in Barcelona, Spain he discovered RealFlow and his passion for dynamic effects, especially for CG liquid simulations, smoke & fire explosions, destructions, and particle systems set-ups.

Stavros has been part of IXOR VFX and other visual effects teams & studios in Greece and has worked for worldwide projects, TV commercials, feature films & short movies.

Contact:Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone: 0030 6944298430


Stuart’s passion for 3D began at a young age and became a keen hobby or some could describe it as an obsession. In 2008 Stuart became a freelance VFX artist, after discovering RealFlow he became a fluid simulation specialist and then went on to work with Aardman and Tim Burton on feature films. With over 10 years’ experience using RealFlow he now works on TV commercials, TV Series and the occasional film.


Wieger is the lead artist and founder of FISK-imaging – a boutique post-production studio. The studio specializes in high-quality CGI and Photoshop work creating stills, matte paintings, fluid simulations and animations. Wieger has more than 25 years of experience in the field of digital imaging and post-production. He has worked for many international companies, photographers and artists over the years and has become one of the leading artists in the business.

FISK-imaging also organizes workshops, training and seminars in collaboration with its business partners.

Contact:Amsterdam, The Netherlands

skype: wieger.poutsma

Phone: +31 (0)20 4198612
Mobile: +31 (0)6 53898054